There is not a single objective reality, there are numerous subjective truths. In Arnout Meijer’s first solo show at gallery VIVID, titled 336 m³ blue/orange, he presents several of these truths. 

This site-specific installation is originated from Thanks for the Sky blue/orange, a lamp where the illusionary mixture of blue and orange light is intensified by the afterimage effect. The existing architecture of the gallery is transformed to depict a deceptive view on our sight. The movement of the sun, the colored sky, the objectes in the space, a passing red car and your perspective present together a multi-layered reality. 

The fundamental strategy of our vision is to short-circuit our view and to construct, influenced by previous experiences, a single image. We see what we know. Just as we all look at the same sun, we look at the same world, but we cannot experience the totality from one position. Even though one perspective looks as the only truth, a complete picture is formed by multiple views. 


All photography: Gert Jan van Rooij