The world becomes more and more digitalized. All communication, economics, art and even revolutions are constructed from the same building block; the bit. 1 or 0, on or off. Fiber optics, just as the train or the telegraph, dramatically change the speed of information. Marshall Mcluhan’s famous mantra ‘the medium is the message‘ shows us that phenomenons as the internet of things and the global village unnoticeably change our world.
Humans define what is an image and what is noise, we make a difference between order or chaos, but for a computer it’s all the same. This digital bit system has an impact on our physical world, through the use of screens that surround us. The ‘8-bit Universe’ connects the pixel and the bit with fiber optics and shows the relation between the data and the image.

This project was developed as part of Glow Next 2015 in collaboration with Prysmian, special thanks to Random Studio and Schrikdraad Elektronisch Ontwerp.

Concept: Arnout Meijer
Design: Arnout Meijer Studio
Electronics: Rene Wassenburg
Programming: Daan van Hasselt (Random Studio)
Intern: Mailys Perrin


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