The light in a city is a constant chain of changes, during the day and the night, that responds and tunes into the natural light. No day or night is the same because of these infinite changes of light. This is why the city doesn’t have a clear distinction where the night ends and the day begins.

The piece is, in its form and dynamics, an interpretation of all the different forms of light one can find in the city. The dynamic light of the city is infinite and in constant flux. The ring is a symbol.

By creating a sequence between the white ring and the warm ring the natural transformation of day and night will become manifest.

This project was developed as part of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2014, Object O is a collaboration between Arnout Meijer and Paul van Laak


Object O - Paul van Laak & Arnout Meijer - Copyright Janus van den Eijnden (8)

photography: Janus van den Eijnden