Every lamp encapsulates a shape of light that changes depending on your position in space. Faced head on you see a geometrical pattern, but seen from an angle the shape distorts and its depth accelerates. The led points function not only as a source of light but at the same time as a sculptural medium to depict intangible objects through the optical surface. 

One point of view creates a fixed sight. Just as a light beam, where light travels outwards, in a beam of sight, appearances travel in. Everything is centered in the eye of the spectator. This view appears to be the whole reality, but the visible is not what confronts the single eye. The complete image is formed by a totality of multiple views. No two sights are the same, you are the vanishing point of your own perspective.

Sight I 
Sight II 
Sight III
Sight IV
Sight V
Sight VI
Sight VII
Sight VIII 


Overview (Sight VIII, Sight I, Sight II, Sight III, Sight VII, Sight V)


Sight I (white, circles, ring)


Sight II (orange, circles, ring)


Sight III (white, lines, diamond)


Sight IV (orange, lines, triangle)


Sight V (yellow, circles, cone)


Sight VI (white, circles, tube)


Sight VII (white, lines, stripe)


Sight VIII (yellow, circles, grid)


Overview (Sight I, Sight V, Sight IV, Sight VI)