Random Studio is located in a courtyard within a housing block in the city of Amsterdam, a space which doesn’t get much direct sunlight in winter. Using this problem as a tool in the research into interactive space, we started to think how we could connect the physical space to the outdoors in order to bring their workspace back to life during these winter months.

“In our current society, technology is everywhere, we consume an increasing amount of digital media and are always online. How can technology be used to connect people and the world we live in? Can we use technology to craft something organic?”

Subtly interacting with the natural light of the studio, the ambient system makes each day in the studio dynamic, interspersed with little moments of difference and change as the light outside shifts, revitalising the space with the energy of the sun. Rather than isolating the workspace from the outside world, it infuses the space with tech to become more aware of the surroundings. 

A programmable space like this creates a dialogue with the people that occupy it; an interrelated ecosystem of people and things that embeds digital culture – virtual, dynamic, real-time and transient – into the physical world of the senses.