In this site-specific audiovisual observatory the sound and light of the Vlieland island and the Wadden Sea are aligned; under and above the surface, audible and inaudible, day and night.
The angle of an inland dune is precisely in line with the path of the sun during the weekend of Into The Great Wide Open, making from the inverted dome a local sundial. A subaquatic soundscape travels over sixteen boxes that are placed on the edge of the dune, corresponding with the sixteen hours of daylight this time of the year. The underwater recording mix bioacoustics of marine life, aquatic sounds and the presence of human generated noise into a local soundtrack from the surrounding Wadden Sea.
The position of the recordings, the shadows and the sunlight are aligned by pointing into the same direction. The higher the sun, the deeper the recordings. During twilight, when the sun is on the surface of the earth, the soundscape is inverted by rising above sea level. At night, when the sounds above water are audible in the installation, eight red light spots take over the invisible positions of the sun.

This project was developed in close collaboration with Robertina Šebjanič and commissioned by Into The Great Wide Open and Transnatural.