Arnout Meijer Studio Voorhaven 57 Rotterdam +31 6 43 02 10 01 [NL]

An interview with Rotterdam-based Arnout Meijer [25] is less a conversation than a one-sided machine-gun scatter of words, trivial statements and exclamation points.

"WHOA!! DON'T GET ME WRONG: I hate it just as much as I <3 it! I'm thrilled by its constant transformation, following seemingly pointless paths that ultimately reflect or sometimes are even ahead of the Zeitgeist!! I'm inspired by the way it gives tangible shape to ideas and theories, the way it ignites epochal changes because everything that is aesthetic is also deeply if tangentially political! You know. I'm amazed how a symbioses of optical physics and the vibrance of light create shape, which, far from being static becomes, thanks to design, a porous membrane that can be drastically reconfigured at any time! Unlike any other sculptural medium light is constantly in motion, traveling in straight lines! These objects explicitly engage the spatial and sensory aspects of light, it's aesthetics and it's immaterially, by unfolding the complexity of our encounters with the myriad aspects of the raw material light! 'Light Design' is quite simply the clamorous demonstration that the material is shaped by the immaterial, and not the other way around! Yay!!"


Photo: Sophia van den Hoek